4th of July Fun

It’s finally 4th of July weekend! Whether you’ve been spending time with family at cookouts, hiking, shopping up them Independence Day sales or simply just taking the time to rest up like yours truly,  I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend so far! And of course, most importantly, I hope your actual Independence Day goes well. I’m planning to go shopping in the day (when it’s a hundred degrees out because I live in an oven called Arizona), and then spend the evening with friends and my brother watching the fireworks at a lake right by where I live! What are some of your plans? Whether you’re in America celebrating the fourth, in Singapore preparing for Hari Raya, or anywhere else in the world, I’d love to hear them!

Anyway, this year I got to collaborate with one of my favorite clothing stores, Wet Seal, and they sent me a few pieces of clothing to style! I decided to use their oversized-denim vest to create a denim-on-denim, Fourth of July summer look. So here’s my red, white and blue outfit featuring the vest from Wet Seal. I added a little red neckerchief (which my mom bought about a decade ago- love it when trends come along and you already have it in your closet conveniently) to complete the rugged, casual look I was going for. All pictures were taken at Roadrunner Park by the lovely Bree Cota (@BreeMariePhotography) whom I’m so thankful for, she’s so so talented and nice. Have you seen my last shoot with her?

With that, I hope that gives you a little 4th of July outfit inspo if you were looking for some:) Thanks for reading, happy holidays! Till next post!