I am Back.

I am back. And better, I hope.


So WordPress has alerted me through email that my last post on here was a year ago, a whole freakin’ year. That’s unacceptable. Valerie, it’s time to get blogging again.

I’ve always struggled with what I should be writing about. I am passionate about so many things- music, dance, art, science, fashion, food, photography and the occasional modeling (aka self-obsessing in front of the camera for Instagram), debating about worldly issues… None of which is an area of expertise for me. So the hardest part about blogging for me (besides me being a lazy piece of sh*t) was really me being afraid of talking about something in black and white purely based on my own opinions and not backed up by actual knowledge. I didn’t want to be falsely educating someone or giving unsubstantiated advice on a certain topic that yes, I’ve read up upon and enjoyed through experience but no, I was NO expert in. And I’m still not an expert in anything, not even in the subject I attend school for and in the field that I work in. Furthermore, I was afraid of being judged for my opinions and my writing. There, I said it. It is incredulously difficult to pen down your thoughts in the world wide web, knowing that there is someone out there waiting to pick apart your every word, and make trash of what you’ve written without giving any constructive feedback. Just the thought of that still scares me.

But then I realized that, that is exactly what the blogging community is NOT about. Blogging is a platform for people to write about what they love regardless of how much they know about it because blogging is its own experience altogether- the more you write about something the more you focus on your passions and hone them, and thus the more you informed you get. It turns out that in many ways, passion is knowledge. And if I have things that I’m passionate about, should I really still be afraid of the ones who will judge? Yes. But being afraid should not stop us from doing something we love. Because we need to do things more to get better at it. So no, I will not let my fears stop me.  Though I will most definitely try my best to make informed posts so as to not mislead anyone! You have my word haha. And feel free at any point of time to leave a comment for me to let me know what I can do better. Constructive feedback is always always appreciated!

So yeah, I guess my blogging experience begins again and I’m so excited to share with you photos that I have accumulated over the summer so far from my trip to Cali, and also those from my shoots with very very talented photographers here in AZ! My header photos  for my website now are the ones from my first shoot with Bree Cota (@Breemariephotograohy) and Dillon (@Dillon_Ivory), check them out on Instagram!




Red, White and Blue

The Fourth of July has got to be one of my favorite holidays in the US. I love the atmosphere, the fireworks, the festivities, the incredible sales (shopping!). Bearing in mind the historical significance of this very day from a variety of different viewpoints (freedom/independence attained, but a lot of bloodshed followed by decades of cultural insensitivity), I still very much enjoy how people get together in true american spirit to don the national colors and celebrate and commemorate how the Land of the Free came about. It very much reminds me of Singapore’s National Day; it reminds me of how we celebrate with pride for our country. Also, I’m a HUGE sucker for themes and coordinated colors. I love it when everyone has an excuse to wear outfits/decorate with the same colors. For people who adore putting outfits together, like myself, it gives us the chance to raid our wardrobes and throw items together to show our individual styles whilst keeping to the theme and matching everyone else in color! It’s not everyday you get to wear red, white and blue on a daily basis! So here’s a little Independence Day inspiration for you:

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Patriotic fruits.
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Bracelet, beads and charms from Pandora

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White T-shirt and American flag shorts from Wet Seal, Boys Denim button-down shirt from H&M Kids.

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P Mickey charm and red cord from Pandora

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Back-view of Boys button-down from H&M Kids. 

I hope you liked this little 4th of July-inspired post! Gonna end off with this picture of me and my Starbucks S’mores Frappe I got just now with extra EXTRA whipped-cream (no extra charge), courtesy of this super awesome barista. I don’t know your name, but I thank you so so much sir #onlyinamerica

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Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone.




Hello surfers (of the web)!

Since it’s summer time I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a shot once more. I’m so afraid of going all “ten page formal essay” on everyone, so I’m going to try to keep all the writing to a minimal. Here are a couple updates on my life, if anyone happened to be keen to know hehe:

-I finished the Spring semester rather strong. I shocked myself by managing to maintain a pretty wonderful GPA of 3.95 out of 4.0 (damn that A-) and I actually made it onto the deans list of the faculty/college that my degree program is under. The semester was actually pretty brutal for me but I’m glad that I had great friends/coursemates and my brother and family who were there to support me and help me get through it!

-Something major going on right now is that I managed to secure a job at a cancer research lab in ASU’s Biodesign Institute. I would say that the job is literally the dream job that I’ve been wanting to do since I’ve gone on the Biochemistry/Medicinal Chem route in life. I’ve learnt so much about cancer and tissue culturing these past few weeks and I’m so excited to continue working in the lab this coming academic year.


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-I’ve recently been promoting a couple of brands on Instagram after being contacted by representatives from those brands and I was just thinking about how fortunate I am to still be able to have such opportunities even though i’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it! That’s part of the reason why I’ve decided to start blogging again. I hope to be able to feature these sponsored products (that people have so kindly complimented me with) on an additional platform as well as to share the wonderful discount codes I have for everyone on another site too!

IMG_3379IMG_3122 IMG_3378

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You can still use my promo code for RocksBox.com ‘valeridabombxoxo’ for a month off the subscription service!

-I dyed my hair a spanking light brown! Hahah still tryna get used to it though. I’ve had dark and long hair for the longest time but now its short and light colored. Pretty big change I must say hahah! I guess it’s pretty fitting for the summer though. It makes me look a little tanner too so… score! I might be delusional about it though… but it is what it is. Thank you to anyone who has complemented me on it though:)) I’ve also received a couple of questions on how I got this hair color/hairstyle/what I do to maintain it, so I’ll probably do a post all about hair soon!

IMG_4905 IMG_20150524_020347

-I joined my favorite brand, Wet Seal’s model search this year! A couple of days ago I was working on and hoping of getting into the Top 100 of the competition. I am currently at 448 votes (which I am extremely grateful for; many many thanks to all who have voted). But I am still about 200 votes away from the girl who is currently in the 100th spot so I have sort of given up on trying to aim for the top 100 (though it would have been awesome to win some cool prizes). I will still be promoting it I guess, to see how many votes I can garner before the contest ends on the 15th! I am honestly not expecting to be able to become the new face of Wet Seal, for in no means am I as pretty or sexy as any of the other contestants, but hey, a girl can still dream right?:) hahah so if any of you would like to help a little Singaporean girl trying to make it big in the USA, do vote me at http://www.wetseal.com/wetsealmodel15 and/or share the link with friends and family!! Do give me a holler too if you do, I’d love to thank you personally!


-Speaking about competitions, I also, rather casually, joined this instagram competition held by the lovely company @HerApparel Intimates, which was a worldwide insta-hunt for the new face of their brand. And… with some luck, I’ve actually been chosen as one of the Top 18 contestants! Now, Her Apparel is actually a brand that specializes in beautiful lingerie. Yes, your girl actually thought she was cool enough to advertise lingerie HAHAH. I honestly am not sure what they saw in me, but I guess I’ll be going against 17 beautiful girls to see who can represent their brand well. Again, I am no where deserving of this, but since its summer, I’m just gonna go with it:) I know most singaporeans might find the idea of lacy underwear risqué, but I honestly think there is nothing obscene about some beautiful female intimate wear. Besides, there are many ways to photograph inner wear. It doesn’t have to be overly sexualized haha (I can’t pull that off anyway. Not in a million years.) I will need help with voting again at some point (I’m so sorry!!!!!) but i haven’t been updated with further instructions… So that’s something to look forward too!

-I’ve set a personal goal to get fit again! I also want to learn how and train myself to do pull-ups. At least one maybe. It would help me a bunch if I could do some since I’ve recently began doing aerial arts and I really am in furious need of substantial arm strength! I really love aerial silks, I haven’t get so graceful in a long time. I also haven’t felt so weak in a long time though. So, more strengthening and body-conditioning it is!

Oh my goodness, I’ve managed to throw up words all over this blog post once again, even though I vowed to keep this short. Valerie, you need to work on that hahah! So I guess this summer has been pretty wonderful so far. I hope everyone’s holidays have been going well too. Spend more time with the people you love. That’s the main thing that has been keeping me going. I love you all for reading my blog (if you made it this far hahah). My instagram dm/gmail/ask.fm are always open for people who need someone to talk to. Leave a comment if you so please hehe! x.

With lots of love,

Valerie Loo

An open letter to myself

One can only complain and wallow in self-pity so much in a lifetime- it is time for a change, Valerie.

In light of all the ‘open letters to so and so’ that seem to be somewhat trending on the internet, I’ve decided to write one to myself. So a couple of months ago, I had this drive. A drive to make my life more meaningful, chase my dreams, and to make a better person out of myself. I wanted to be that person that could handle everything that came her way, to achieve in every aspect of my life. But fast forward a few months later, I have become everything I did not want to be; a person very much far from what I sought out to be originally, those few months ago.

It is one thing to procrastinate, and get lost in what you’re doing and living for once in awhile. That’s perfectly okay. But it’s a whole different issue when you sit your ass on every single thing you’re doing, lose your sense of self, and completely forget what exactly you’re living for. Over the past few months, I’ve become the latter. The simplest proof would be me starting this lousy example of a blog and only posting two miserable, pathetic posts on it. I started this blog in hope to practice my creative writing, (something in which I don’t often get to do now due to the rubrics of my dry, very much science-based curriculum) as well as build a platform for me to reach out to an envisioned community of readers and viewers that I hoped to have one day in addition to my now dying and mediocre YouTube channel. All I wanted was to be able to balance my academic life, which I wanted to prosper in, and my nonacademic dreams. But I did not. Not only did I neglect these platforms I created for myself, I also find myself struggling in terms of my university coursework. All the hardwork I’ve put in the past year to ensure my grades are crisp and stellar have gone down the drain. Well, not exactly yet, but soon, if I don’t happen to get my shit together in the terrifyingly near future. Adding on to this downward toll my life has been taking on (incredulously due to my own doings), I seemed to have taken to the idea of trying to cover up this gigantic hole of negativity I’m digging for myself, instead of actually filling it back up to fix it. I began to indulge in the notion of self-satisfaction that came with the want for everyone to view my life as somewhat perfect. Not perfect as in flawlessness, but perfect in the sense that ‘I’m ordinary but I wanted to be envied because I put in handwork and I’m lucky and nothing is wrong because everything is in order’. Screwed isn’t it? I started obsessing over wanting people to like me and there came a point when I allowed my life and happiness to be justified purely based on the number of Instagram likes I received. I mean, how simple was that. Take a photo, add filters and hashtags and everyone knows (thinks) I’m happy and everyone agrees with what I’m doing with my life because they ‘like-d’ it. Brilliant strategy, Valerie. Yet, I got so annoyed when people message me and go like “looks like you’re really enjoying life there in America”. But really, its not their fault right? It’s my fault that I’m trying to put on a facade, its my fault that I am painting a false picture for everyone. I shouldn’t expect people to know that I’m not feeling okay or I’m feeling stressed out when I’m constantly trying to show them that I can handle everything, and then wallow in self-pity myself after that, not doing anything to help myself out of the situation. I can’t just set things that have to be done aside and feel a sense of distorted accomplishment when I complete what I have to complete way after the time limit. I can’t just take the easy way out and expect to get anywhere with it ( I actually think Instagram is an appropriate metaphor for this and my life- I post pictures instead of actually putting in effort into videos, covers and stuff and expect compliments to validate my existence and that my dreams will come true all of a sudden, which obviously will not). And I most definitely cannot keep giving myself excuses for not doing well in school. So right now, I am going to end this miserable, sickening tune that is constantly playing in my life. I need to do something about my problems with actual actions, because constantly checking my ask.fm, twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds to see what people are thinking of me will not help me Pushing my lab report and honors college application aside for tiny breaks and breathers that never end will not aid me. Crying silently at night while wishing someone would suddenly read between the lines and comfort me because they feel somewhat sorry for me is pathetic and will not save me. Drowning myself in music, listening to Taylor Swift and thinking “oh my god, I totally get her lyrics and feel her” will not solve my problems nor will it make me a lyrical genius like her (she’s a superstar, we may have similar problems but so does every single living thing listening to her). Sleeping and having YOLO meals and not exercising will not liberate me because I’ll always have to wake up to face my issues, I’ll feel hungry again a few hours later, and I will probably have health problems when I get older. So yeah, I really need to stop with my lousy excuse-giving attitude and move on in life properly. I can still grieve, but I need to stop attributing my bad days to the fact that I still miss my grandfather. If anything, I probably am making him feel sad in heaven with my moping around and my laziness. So, I’m sorry grandpa, I know what I have to do now. Today marks the 49th day of your departure, you are finally at your resting place. You deserve to rest happily and worry free. I’ll stop being selfish and work hard for you and the rest of my family. And I also have to accept the fact that my boyfriend, or my ex (oh the technicalities), Cody, broke up with me and has moved the hell on. I tried to stay hush about this, in hope that he’ll come back but no. I have to realize that he left me at my lowest, and not everyone I love will love me back. And I know there are people out there who are just waiting for me to say this so they can laugh their faces off in front of me but we did not work out. There you have it. I wanted everyone to see that I was happy, but it did not work out and he’s not coming back. And it’s not the end of the world I guess. My family is still here with me and if I wasn’t good enough for him, or anyone else for that matter, then I should at least be good enough for myself. I’d like to think that we loved each other, but what do we know about love right? At least it was an experience, a first experience. An experience that gave me memories, however fleeting and sparse. I need to move on. Finally, whatever scholarships and opportunities I lost out on, there will be, hopefully, more to come in the future. If I keep up with this delirious attitude of mine and let myself be steeped in delusion and pseudo-depression, I will, in fact, continue to lose out forever. I am unhappy, but I can end this unhappiness. I must, for no one else will do it for me.

So, Valerie, get your shit together, right now. May this be the last time you ever complain and rant about your life without doing anything useful about it. As corny as it sounds, it really is not too late. People judge all the damn time, but we all know its your own judgement that matters. And if even you know there is something incredibly wrong with your demeanor, its not going to be long before the world catches up and realizes what a shit person you’ve become.

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And that everyone, is my letter to myself. 

With lots of love, Valerie

Out and About on a Monday.

Hello lovely people of the internet!

Today was one of the more eventful summer days, not because I did anything extremely exciting or meaningful, but rather just because of the fact that I actually went out to do stuff and not stay home to mug and/or procrastinate and waste my life away. There really isn’t much to do neither are there many places to meander around  in Arizona, especially with the desert heat being nearly unbearable. But we do have only three weeks of summer break left so it is adamant that we make the most of it before school starts towards the end of the month and all hell breaks loose once again haha.

Anyways, I started off my day with an attempt to be healthy. Note the word ‘attempt’:


It’s basically corn flakes with cut cantaloupe, blueberries and soy milk. I usually don’t have time to have breakfast when I have classes going on (a nasty habit of mine) so it was pretty good to just be able to enjoy a simple home-prepared breakfast in the morning.

After breakfast I headed out with my Mom and brothers. A couple of people asked me on Instagram and ask.fm about the dress I wore out. I used this dress in a layout before for Wet Seal and its one of my favorite dresses this summer because of the light-weight material and daisy design. Daisies are my absolute fave. Also, I’ve been loving the open back concept this summer, coupled with a caged bralette and some nice sandals or flip flops. Here’s a closer look at the dress:

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As I’ve mentioned, this dress is from Wet Seal and the caged bralette is from Charlotte Russe. I originally saw this backless dress like that and a similar bralette at Brandy Melville, however this dress is a much more affordable version of Brandy’s Jada Dress, and the Charlotte Russe bralette has a slot for paddings, as compared to the Brandy one- the Chiyo Top, which I’ve heard does not. Personally, I do prefer having my female parts (hahah) properly supported, so the Charlotte Russe bralette does the job better for me. There’s also no Brandy outlet anywhere in Arizona so Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe are definitely my ‘go-to’ shops for comfortable and affordable clothes. I will check out the Brandy Melville stores if I ever take another trip down to Cali though!

We head out and had lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant called King Egg Roll today. It is one of the best Asian eateries I’ve been to in AZ. Point blank. I do enjoy eating there; asian food of any kind always reminds me of home (Singapore). Here are some peekchas:

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My mom and Jordan had the famous Pho with meatballs and beef. I did try a tiny bit of my mom’s soup; it was really really good.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Vincent and I opted for friend rice instead as the heat killed my appetite for a full bowl of hot soup and noodles. I had the Salted Fish Fried Rice, something that I used to have at the coffee shop near my flat back in SG. Although this was the Vietnamese version of the dish, it still was pretty awesome and definitely did satisfy my cravings for salted fish and rice. Oh and, I got some thai tea with boba (pearl) to compliment the rice!

We then went to the mall and several other locations before heading home for dinner. As mentioned on Instagram, my Dad, Vincent and I cooked some SG-style prawn noodles for dinner. Ok well, it was my Dad who did most of the cooking, but we helped here and there with the little things, so props to us hahah. My dad’s been craving this dish for the longest time, so I’m glad it turned out pretty well. Check it out:

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So that’s basically my day. I know this is pretty wordy and boring but I’m still trying to play around with my blogging style and all, hopefully I will get better and less naggy in time haha. Thanks for reading this and do leave a comment here or on any of my social media accounts if you have any questions or suggestions or if you just want to have a tiny chat about food, fashion or anything and everything in the world!

So there, with lots of love,

Valerie L.


Pilot- The Mandatory Introductions

Hello there,

Welcome to my new blog! Please pardon the emptiness and boring-ness (yes, I make up words) of this internet space while I try to play around with it and make it worthy of your time and visit. To be very honest, I have completely no idea what I am doing or what I am attempting to construct here. I know for sure that I want this to be a lifestyle blog- where I’ll be able to share pictures and words with you beautiful people. Pictures and words about fashion, food, travel, books, art and life. Basically anything and everything that I deem deserving of a share. Hopefully, through this process of sharing, might I be able to entertain, delight or even inspire you in some way. I do intend to use this blog to compliment my YouTube channel (which is currently a poor victim of my procrastination), so I’ll be making it a point (I will try my best hehe) to update both platforms regularly. With all that being said, do check back here soon for more posts!  I promise you some better content the next time we meet! Meanwhile, here are some pretty macarons that I purchased a couple of weeks back (fully digested by now, apologies) for you to feast your (very hungry) eyes upon!


So there, with lots of love,

Valerie Loo