Bronze Bells of Cosanti

Hello loves,

I’m back, this time with a beautiful photo story shot by Jessica Honea at the breathtaking Cosanti. 

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot at this location for the longest time. Ever since I saw a photo of Cosanti, I knew that I had to take pictures there, and I knew exactly how I wanted to style the shoot. So these pictures mean a lot to me. Not only were they taken by one of my favorite photographers, but they also really reflect who I am as an aspiring model, stylist, and human being. And yes, you read it right! I’ve decided to venture into styling, because I realized that styling is really something that I have a passion for. I love clothes. I love putting outfits together. And to me, styling is not just about picking out clothing and matching them together, but also about matching them to the theme of the shoot, the location chosen, to the photographer’s style, and most importantly, to the model/client’s body type, as well as personality and style. Because you don’t just want to look good. You want to feel good. 

I’ve been styling a lot of my shoots that I’ve been on and I really want to start showcasing my work more. So let these pictures be the first official pictures to show you what I have to offer as an aspiring stylist! Each outfit was curated with thought and love.

 This first outfit features this long and flowy Melansay Skirt, which I paired with a Wet Seal button down top that I tied up to give it a less structured and bohemian vibe. 
This second outfit is this Forever 21 tan dress made of the comfiest material and the deep plunge gives this otherwise plain and simple dress a romantic touch to match the enchanting bronze bells of Cosanti.

This last outfit kinda strays away from the whole neutral, tan color pallete. This location kinda reminded me of a set out of Star Wars or something so I wanted to put together something a little more casual and less put together so I found this pair of pants that actually belonged to my Mom (are they pj pants? We will never know) and paired it with this green crop top from Free People’s movement line.

I apologise for posting so many pictures, but it was so hard to choose which ones to use because Jessica did such a brilliant job with this, do check her out if you need a photographer, she’s amazing. And I hope you enjoyed this little photo story because I poured my heart and soul into it, and hit me up for your styling needs, whether it’s for a shoot or just for daily life! 

As always, thank you for reading, I’ll see you again soon!


Valerie L.

#WetSeal Flower Power Bomber

Three things about me:

  1. I love flowers
  2. My favorite color of all time is pink.
  3. Bomber Jackets are always a closet staple of mine every single year

So this Blush Floral Bomber checks out for me in so many ways! When my favorite store Wet Seal reached out to me about collaborating, I immediately looked through their online store and this bomber jacket screamed my name. When they actually sent it to me, I immediately knew it’d be something I’d be wearing over and over again when the cold weather hits (because heaven forbid we wear jackets in this relentless Arizona heat). Bomber jackets are generally edgier pieces of clothing, so wearing this one definitely made me feel like one of the cool girls. But the blush satin material and floral embroidery toned down the ‘bad girl’ vibes enough for me to pull it off comfortably. So if you’re one of them girly girls who love to spice up their outfits a little, this bomber is a must have in your wardrobe. They also have it in black and military green for those who aren’t too keen about the pink!

I had loads of fun working with the talented Bree Cota (check her our on insta!) to take some cute pictures of this bomber. I even got out one of my old rainbow/floral Wet Seal reflectors to complete the look. Also, isn’t it magical how the sky is blushing pink as well? AZ sunsets never fail to impress me.

View More:

View More:
White tank from Pacsun
View More:
Wet Seal Mirrored Sunglasses, sorta similar here.

View More: More: More:

Photo credits: Bree Cota @BreeMariePhotography

Enjoy the rest of your summer loves! See you soon!

My Everyday Tomorrows:

1) tomorrow I will clean my bed

2) tomorrow I will clean my room

3) tomorrow I will cook a nice and healthy meal with the groceries I bought

4) tomorrow I will start bringing home cooked mess to school and work

5) tomorrow I will throw away the food I left to rot in the fridge

6) tomorrow I will blog

7) tomorrow I will FaceTime my family 

8) tomorrow I will spend more time with my brother

9) tomorrow morning I will let my phone charge fully, I need to use it now at 40%

10) tomorrow I will get back to dance

11) tomorrow I will message that photographer I really want to work with

12) tomorrow I will post this picture I love, I need to post this other one because  it’s new

13) tomorrow I will take better care of my teeth

14) tomorrow I will plan out my semester… the rest of my semester… the last month of the semester… finals week

15) tomorrow I will sell the clothes I don’t use

16) tomorrow I will pack and organize my room

17) tomorrow I will read the research paper from cancer research

18) tomorrow I will make a cover of this song

19) tomorrow I will reply this text

20) tomorrow I will save the world

Pretty soon I’ll run out of tomorrows. 

What are your constant everyday tomorrows?


Photo by @Dillon_Ivory 

Everything does not make sense anymore.

I do not understand violence. I’ve never understood it and I never will. But most importantly, I do not understand why things have to culminate in violence. People are hardly ever born evil.

My heart goes out to the victims of the Nice attacks and their families. My heart also goes out to the rest of the world. For we have now another huge tragedy to add to the never ending list of violent brutalities inflicted upon human kind. It almost seems like a routine now- we live our lives, hear terrible, hear terrible, grotesque, heart-wrenching news, #pray, feel sad for the victims, feel grateful to still be alive. How did we let this happen?

If you’re familiar with sociology, you’d probably know that everything we do and everything that happens is a product of society. Which is why I mentioned earlier on that no one is born evil. While I do not condone the actions of terrorists and people who resort to crime and evil in this world, why did they have to turn towards mass harming others in the first place? As human beings, we are all selfish. It’s makes sense evolutionarily for us to be selfish. And as selfish people, we have built a society that excludes/extorts/oppresses/puts the blame on anyone but ourselves. We bully each other and put each other down for our own self-centered agendas. To put it simply, don’t we all terrorize one another in our own little ways? The ‘terrorism’ that we know of today is an extreme, globally-scaled version that has spun out of control. But even as thousands and thousands of people die, we still have not learnt that it is not okay for anyone to force their ideologies on others. Terrorists and hate groups do all of that outright and in the open, but I think we all know that hate and intolerance take many different forms, albeit less obvious.

So I really think that we should all take a second to observe ourselves and our society and not take life as we know it for granted. No one wins when there is hate. Everyone is responsible for each other’s lives; there is no longer room for selfishness in this day and time.

Note: I really really feel for all the victims of all the recent tragedies. It keeps me up at night just thinking about how everything has spun out of control and how the families affected must be feeling right now. I understand that this is not a very well written post but I just felt like a needed to put my thoughts into conversation. While prayers may hopefully help the victims and their families find peace, conversation and action will help bring them justice.

Black Lives Matter

I am going to keep this short because there already has been so much being written on this.

I am so sick of hearing people say “Stop saying #BlackLivesMatter because, #AllLivesMatter.”

People don’t seem to understand that the want to eliminate the topic of race from any discussion, is in fact, an act of racism and exclusion. Being inclusive means accepting a race/culture/religion, recognizing and understanding their struggles and what they go through as a race that is part of humankind.

The fact that there has been so much violence against the African American race itself shows that there are many who don’t think that Black lives matter. Therefore, how can all lives matter?

All lives don’t matter until Black Lives Matter.


4th of July Fun

It’s finally 4th of July weekend! Whether you’ve been spending time with family at cookouts, hiking, shopping up them Independence Day sales or simply just taking the time to rest up like yours truly,  I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend so far! And of course, most importantly, I hope your actual Independence Day goes well. I’m planning to go shopping in the day (when it’s a hundred degrees out because I live in an oven called Arizona), and then spend the evening with friends and my brother watching the fireworks at a lake right by where I live! What are some of your plans? Whether you’re in America celebrating the fourth, in Singapore preparing for Hari Raya, or anywhere else in the world, I’d love to hear them!

Anyway, this year I got to collaborate with one of my favorite clothing stores, Wet Seal, and they sent me a few pieces of clothing to style! I decided to use their oversized-denim vest to create a denim-on-denim, Fourth of July summer look. So here’s my red, white and blue outfit featuring the vest from Wet Seal. I added a little red neckerchief (which my mom bought about a decade ago- love it when trends come along and you already have it in your closet conveniently) to complete the rugged, casual look I was going for. All pictures were taken at Roadrunner Park by the lovely Bree Cota (@BreeMariePhotography) whom I’m so thankful for, she’s so so talented and nice. Have you seen my last shoot with her?

With that, I hope that gives you a little 4th of July outfit inspo if you were looking for some:) Thanks for reading, happy holidays! Till next post!



Adventures in the 602

I was extremely fortunate to go on my very first shoot with two lovely AZ photographers this summer.

So just a little background on how I found out about the AZ photography and creative community…

When I moved here two years ago, I found myself obsessed with the photography and content featured on instagram feeds such as the Brandy Melville, Free People and Urban Outfitter feeds. And I realized that some of the photographers and models are from Arizona and literally go to the exact same university as me. And so I followed, and followed and followed the many many accounts that I stumbled upon. And I realized that all these talented people were part of a community- everyone I followed knew each other, shot with one another, created art together. And oh my gosh, I wanted to be part of that community so bad. But I was so afraid to reach out to anyone to ask if I could work with them. I am obviously no professional model, and after a failed attempt at asking a photographer who told me I didn’t have a big enough following to benefit him, and simply not having the money to book a professional shoot with him at that time, I stopped trying and just…stayed in the sidelines and admired everyones work.

But fast forward two years later, this summer, a lovely soul and photographer, Bree (@Breemariephotography),  reached out to me and connected me with another talented photographer, Dillon (@Dillon_ivory), and just like that, I was able to model in my first shoot in Central Phoenix. And the best part about the shoot was that Bree and Dillon were one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Which really showed me how nice the creative community in Arizona is. Here are some of the pretty pictures that they took on the first part of the shoot in which I put together a somewhat vintage, 70s-inspired outfit:


(PC: @Dillon_Ivory)


(PC: @Dillon_Ivory)


(PC: @Dillon_Ivory)


(PC: @Breemariephotography)


(PC: @Breemariephotography)


(PC: @Breemariephotography)


(PC: @Breemariephotography)


(PC: @Dillon_Ivory)

Outfit details:

-Stripped Cropped T-shirt from Pacsun (Similar here)

-Brown Suede Western Corduroy Skirt from the Kendall+Kylie line at Pacsun (Shop this skirt in Blue)

-Chokers from Forever 21

-Green Suede Hat from Forever 21 

-White Tennis shoes from Forever 21

-Sunglasses from Q Fashion

I loved shooting with Bree and Dillon and you should definitely head over to their Instagrams and check their work out! I’ll be uploading more pictures from the other parts of the shoot but you can view some of the pictures on all of our instagrams as well!

Well that concludes my first fashion/modelling/photography post. I hope you enjoyed my little back story as well:) Till next time!!