My Everyday Tomorrows:

1) tomorrow I will clean my bed

2) tomorrow I will clean my room

3) tomorrow I will cook a nice and healthy meal with the groceries I bought

4) tomorrow I will start bringing home cooked mess to school and work

5) tomorrow I will throw away the food I left to rot in the fridge

6) tomorrow I will blog

7) tomorrow I will FaceTime my family 

8) tomorrow I will spend more time with my brother

9) tomorrow morning I will let my phone charge fully, I need to use it now at 40%

10) tomorrow I will get back to dance

11) tomorrow I will message that photographer I really want to work with

12) tomorrow I will post this picture I love, I need to post this other one because  it’s new

13) tomorrow I will take better care of my teeth

14) tomorrow I will plan out my semester… the rest of my semester… the last month of the semester… finals week

15) tomorrow I will sell the clothes I don’t use

16) tomorrow I will pack and organize my room

17) tomorrow I will read the research paper from cancer research

18) tomorrow I will make a cover of this song

19) tomorrow I will reply this text

20) tomorrow I will save the world

Pretty soon I’ll run out of tomorrows. 

What are your constant everyday tomorrows?


Photo by @Dillon_Ivory 

Everything does not make sense anymore.

I do not understand violence. I’ve never understood it and I never will. But most importantly, I do not understand why things have to culminate in violence. People are hardly ever born evil.

My heart goes out to the victims of the Nice attacks and their families. My heart also goes out to the rest of the world. For we have now another huge tragedy to add to the never ending list of violent brutalities inflicted upon human kind. It almost seems like a routine now- we live our lives, hear terrible, hear terrible, grotesque, heart-wrenching news, #pray, feel sad for the victims, feel grateful to still be alive. How did we let this happen?

If you’re familiar with sociology, you’d probably know that everything we do and everything that happens is a product of society. Which is why I mentioned earlier on that no one is born evil. While I do not condone the actions of terrorists and people who resort to crime and evil in this world, why did they have to turn towards mass harming others in the first place? As human beings, we are all selfish. It’s makes sense evolutionarily for us to be selfish. And as selfish people, we have built a society that excludes/extorts/oppresses/puts the blame on anyone but ourselves. We bully each other and put each other down for our own self-centered agendas. To put it simply, don’t we all terrorize one another in our own little ways? The ‘terrorism’ that we know of today is an extreme, globally-scaled version that has spun out of control. But even as thousands and thousands of people die, we still have not learnt that it is not okay for anyone to force their ideologies on others. Terrorists and hate groups do all of that outright and in the open, but I think we all know that hate and intolerance take many different forms, albeit less obvious.

So I really think that we should all take a second to observe ourselves and our society and not take life as we know it for granted. No one wins when there is hate. Everyone is responsible for each other’s lives; there is no longer room for selfishness in this day and time.

Note: I really really feel for all the victims of all the recent tragedies. It keeps me up at night just thinking about how everything has spun out of control and how the families affected must be feeling right now. I understand that this is not a very well written post but I just felt like a needed to put my thoughts into conversation. While prayers may hopefully help the victims and their families find peace, conversation and action will help bring them justice.

Black Lives Matter

I am going to keep this short because there already has been so much being written on this.

I am so sick of hearing people say “Stop saying #BlackLivesMatter because, #AllLivesMatter.”

People don’t seem to understand that the want to eliminate the topic of race from any discussion, is in fact, an act of racism and exclusion. Being inclusive means accepting a race/culture/religion, recognizing and understanding their struggles and what they go through as a race that is part of humankind.

The fact that there has been so much violence against the African American race itself shows that there are many who don’t think that Black lives matter. Therefore, how can all lives matter?

All lives don’t matter until Black Lives Matter.


I am Back.

I am back. And better, I hope.


So WordPress has alerted me through email that my last post on here was a year ago, a whole freakin’ year. That’s unacceptable. Valerie, it’s time to get blogging again.

I’ve always struggled with what I should be writing about. I am passionate about so many things- music, dance, art, science, fashion, food, photography and the occasional modeling (aka self-obsessing in front of the camera for Instagram), debating about worldly issues… None of which is an area of expertise for me. So the hardest part about blogging for me (besides me being a lazy piece of sh*t) was really me being afraid of talking about something in black and white purely based on my own opinions and not backed up by actual knowledge. I didn’t want to be falsely educating someone or giving unsubstantiated advice on a certain topic that yes, I’ve read up upon and enjoyed through experience but no, I was NO expert in. And I’m still not an expert in anything, not even in the subject I attend school for and in the field that I work in. Furthermore, I was afraid of being judged for my opinions and my writing. There, I said it. It is incredulously difficult to pen down your thoughts in the world wide web, knowing that there is someone out there waiting to pick apart your every word, and make trash of what you’ve written without giving any constructive feedback. Just the thought of that still scares me.

But then I realized that, that is exactly what the blogging community is NOT about. Blogging is a platform for people to write about what they love regardless of how much they know about it because blogging is its own experience altogether- the more you write about something the more you focus on your passions and hone them, and thus the more you informed you get. It turns out that in many ways, passion is knowledge. And if I have things that I’m passionate about, should I really still be afraid of the ones who will judge? Yes. But being afraid should not stop us from doing something we love. Because we need to do things more to get better at it. So no, I will not let my fears stop me.  Though I will most definitely try my best to make informed posts so as to not mislead anyone! You have my word haha. And feel free at any point of time to leave a comment for me to let me know what I can do better. Constructive feedback is always always appreciated!

So yeah, I guess my blogging experience begins again and I’m so excited to share with you photos that I have accumulated over the summer so far from my trip to Cali, and also those from my shoots with very very talented photographers here in AZ! My header photos  for my website now are the ones from my first shoot with Bree Cota (@Breemariephotograohy) and Dillon (@Dillon_Ivory), check them out on Instagram!