Phoenix Fashion Week- Runway Beauty Forecast Event

Hey everyone!

A couple weeks ago, I had the lovely opportunity to attend a private Media/Influencer event, powered by Phoenix Fashion Week, Leiden Mitchell Model Citizen, Clever Koi, Sonata’s Restaurants, Central Wine, and Lyft Phoenix!

If you’re a follower of my Instagram stories, you would’ve seen a live coverage of the private event on my stories, and some pictures of it on my feed!

It was my very first fashion week event, and it was honestly a blast. The location, the food, the people I met… nothing short of amazing!

The Location

The forecast event was held in this really posh salon called Model Citizen, a subset of the Leiden Mitchell Salons, and to enter it, you actually pass through Central Wine, a Wine Bar thats connected to the salon. So when the event began, you were immediately greeted by a little glass of champagne as you passed through romantic ambiance of  Central Wine to enter the clean and modern Model Citizen Salon (which did I mention smells AMAZING?!). Perfection.

Image from Central Wine’s Website

The stylists at Model Citizen, as well as the owners of the place were also extremely kind and personable. They were there to answer any beauty related questions that you might have had, and they also had set up a braid bar as well as lip station were you could get touchups to your makeup and hair! So if you’re looking for a good salon to go to for your beauty needs, I honestly and highly recommend Model Citizen because its not only a bomb location, but they also have the most knowledgable and personable stylists!

The Food

What’s an event without scrumptious snacks and things for you to munch on as you mingle? Clever Koi, and Sonata Restaurants were the official food sponsors of the event, and boy did they deliver. The food was delicious, simply put. I can’t describe to you how amazing everything tasted, and I didn’t take proper photos of the food to post in the blog (note to self for future events!) but imma post some photos of some of the food they have at their restaurants just to let you see what its like! (Photos taken from Sonata’s Restaurant and Clever Koi Instagram pages)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the event was going on, I actually didn’t have the time to really stop and eat, because I had two hours to meet as many people as I could and I’m just the kind of person who wants to talk to everyone! And as the event neared to an end, I was beginning to get so disappointed because I was so hungry and I realized that I barely ate any of the food that looked and smelt so good! So I was just casually saying, “I wish I could take all of this food home!” And a guy from Clever Koi totally packed a whole bunch of food for me to take home! I was, needless to say, ecstatic, and I happily brought all that food home to enjoy in the comfort of my house, heels off and everything. Thanks, guy from Clever Koi!

The People

The thing I love the most about events like this is meeting people. Specifically, meeting people who have similar interests and care about the same things as me. I got to meet tons of friendly, talented and lovely people at this even and its crazy how I got to finally see certain people whom I’ve been following on Instagram for the longest time, in real life! And of course, it was lovely meeting models and photographers and people I’ve shot with before at the event too! But yes, I cannot stress enough how important networking is in this industry, and I’m so fortunate that the many people in the Phoenix community are extremely helpful and friendly, making the process of making connections so so much easier. Here are some pictures of me and the people I got to meet/see at the event!

Top 40 Model Charles Hodges and the gorgeous Mary Espritsu (Photo by Jam Sani)
Influencer and Stylist Andrea (Photo by Jam Sani)
Top 40 model Edwin Humberto
Top 40 model Samantha Maxwell
Photographer Francisco Gonzalez
Digital Influencers and Stylists, Smart Blondes!

My Outfit

As some of you guys know, I’m kind of a fashion fiend, and knowing that I was going to meet some of the Valley’s most fashionable people, including designers, Stylists, bloggers, influencers, models, pageant queens, TV and radio personalities, as well as the organisers and sponsors of PHXFW themselves, I had to step up my fashion game for the event. I realize that at this point you’ve probably already seen a photo of what I wore either on Instagram and in the paragraph above but heres a close up of my outfit for the event:

So I’m not gonna lie, I tried real hard. But I ended up loving the result! I was definitely super confident in my style that night. And it was extremely comfortable for me to walk around in which was good because I was pretty much standing the whole time. If you know me, you’ll probably know that I’m not the type of person to try and set trends. I love rocking current trends but styling it to make myself stand out with colors and statement pieces. Color matching is a big thing for me. I choose colors that either match or compliment each other. And most importantly, what I wear should also somehow match the event theme. So I was super happy with what I wore to my first fashion week event and thank you to everyone who complimented me that night because your girl tried so hard and it was so nice to hear kind words about my outfit!

So there you have it! My official recap of the Phoenix Fashion week Runway Beauty Forecast Event! As you can probably tell, I had the best time. And I am looking forward to dressing up and being at Phoenix Fashion week to watch my designer and model friends strut the runway on October 5th-7th! If you’re interested in going, get your tickets here!

STAY TUNED TO MY INSTAGRAM STORIES FOR LIVE PICS AND VIDEOS DURING FASHION WEEK! ❤ If there are any designers/brands or even HMUA who want to collaborate, please reach out! I would love to wear your stuff to Phoenix Fashion Week!

Till next time!



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