Cello Jeans and how I feel about blue

Blue isn’t my favorite color. But I love how it’s a color that pretty much describes any feeling. Sometimes my shade of blue is calm like the ocean, sometimes it’s cheerful like a clear sky in the late mornings. Sometimes it’s sad and gloomy when I’m feeling (you guessed it) blue. And other times it’s cold and scary like dark, cold, uncharted waters. But blue isn’t just a great color to describe feelings, it’s a great color for clothing. 

Blue is the color of denim. 

Most people probably own a good old pair of blue jeans. It is a fashion staple and in addition to being stylish, I love my blue jeans to be comfortable. And Cello Jeans is exactly that. 

This pair of jeans that Cello Jeans sent me is literally the most worn article of clothing that I own now. Because its so stretchy and versatile. I can dress them up or down. On a lazy day (which is most of my days), I can basically just throw them on over a body suit and wear some sneakers with them. Just like I did for this little neighborhood shoot I did with Regan:

Photos by Regan Norton ❤️



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