Bronze Bells of Cosanti

Hello loves,

I’m back, this time with a beautiful photo story shot by Jessica Honea at the breathtaking Cosanti. 

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot at this location for the longest time. Ever since I saw a photo of Cosanti, I knew that I had to take pictures there, and I knew exactly how I wanted to style the shoot. So these pictures mean a lot to me. Not only were they taken by one of my favorite photographers, but they also really reflect who I am as an aspiring model, stylist, and human being. And yes, you read it right! I’ve decided to venture into styling, because I realized that styling is really something that I have a passion for. I love clothes. I love putting outfits together. And to me, styling is not just about picking out clothing and matching them together, but also about matching them to the theme of the shoot, the location chosen, to the photographer’s style, and most importantly, to the model/client’s body type, as well as personality and style. Because you don’t just want to look good. You want to feel good. 

I’ve been styling a lot of my shoots that I’ve been on and I really want to start showcasing my work more. So let these pictures be the first official pictures to show you what I have to offer as an aspiring stylist! Each outfit was curated with thought and love.

 This first outfit features this long and flowy Melansay Skirt, which I paired with a Wet Seal button down top that I tied up to give it a less structured and bohemian vibe. 
This second outfit is this Forever 21 tan dress made of the comfiest material and the deep plunge gives this otherwise plain and simple dress a romantic touch to match the enchanting bronze bells of Cosanti.

This last outfit kinda strays away from the whole neutral, tan color pallete. This location kinda reminded me of a set out of Star Wars or something so I wanted to put together something a little more casual and less put together so I found this pair of pants that actually belonged to my Mom (are they pj pants? We will never know) and paired it with this green crop top from Free People’s movement line.

I apologise for posting so many pictures, but it was so hard to choose which ones to use because Jessica did such a brilliant job with this, do check her out if you need a photographer, she’s amazing. And I hope you enjoyed this little photo story because I poured my heart and soul into it, and hit me up for your styling needs, whether it’s for a shoot or just for daily life! 

As always, thank you for reading, I’ll see you again soon!


Valerie L.

3 thoughts on “Bronze Bells of Cosanti

  1. Hello! Hope this isn’t too sensitive a question for you, but may I know what kind of bras do you wear for such clothes? I’ve really small boobs (30AA and below?) and I’m always unsure of what to wear for deep Vs/off-shoulder/tube tops


    1. Hi there! Ok I totally get you, I actually also have really small boobs, I am pretty sure I’m smaller than a 30AA heheh so I feel you girl! So, the truth is, I have really learnt to get accustomed to not wearing a bra. But I know that not everyone is comfortable with that. And sometimes I’m not too. But depending on the material of the clothing piece, it’s structure, and also the color of it, sometimes I will wear either a stick on silicon bra or bandeau (for off the shoulder tops or tubes) or silicon pasties (for v necks or basically anything really). The thing is these pasties and stick on bras don’t have that much of a ‘lift’ but I personally don’t have much to push up anyways so I just embrace my flatness but use the pasties to cover up my nipples if I don’t feel too comfortable just letting them ‘stick out’ (I’m super supportive of free the nipple hahaha) that particular day. But if you really want to still wear a bra you can always wear a cute bralette with your clothes and let them show and be part of your outfit:) hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by:) ❤️


  2. Oh gosh really thanks a lot for the informative reply! I really agree with you on certain points e.g. free the nipple hahaha and I haven’t gotten around to using stick-ons so that’ll be something that I’ll try out soon! Just asking though, do you have any brands that you recommend for such bras/pasties?


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