Hello surfers (of the web)!

Since it’s summer time I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a shot once more. I’m so afraid of going all “ten page formal essay” on everyone, so I’m going to try to keep all the writing to a minimal. Here are a couple updates on my life, if anyone happened to be keen to know hehe:

-I finished the Spring semester rather strong. I shocked myself by managing to maintain a pretty wonderful GPA of 3.95 out of 4.0 (damn that A-) and I actually made it onto the deans list of the faculty/college that my degree program is under. The semester was actually pretty brutal for me but I’m glad that I had great friends/coursemates and my brother and family who were there to support me and help me get through it!

-Something major going on right now is that I managed to secure a job at a cancer research lab in ASU’s Biodesign Institute. I would say that the job is literally the dream job that I’ve been wanting to do since I’ve gone on the Biochemistry/Medicinal Chem route in life. I’ve learnt so much about cancer and tissue culturing these past few weeks and I’m so excited to continue working in the lab this coming academic year.


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-I’ve recently been promoting a couple of brands on Instagram after being contacted by representatives from those brands and I was just thinking about how fortunate I am to still be able to have such opportunities even though i’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it! That’s part of the reason why I’ve decided to start blogging again. I hope to be able to feature these sponsored products (that people have so kindly complimented me with) on an additional platform as well as to share the wonderful discount codes I have for everyone on another site too!

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You can still use my promo code for ‘valeridabombxoxo’ for a month off the subscription service!

-I dyed my hair a spanking light brown! Hahah still tryna get used to it though. I’ve had dark and long hair for the longest time but now its short and light colored. Pretty big change I must say hahah! I guess it’s pretty fitting for the summer though. It makes me look a little tanner too so… score! I might be delusional about it though… but it is what it is. Thank you to anyone who has complemented me on it though:)) I’ve also received a couple of questions on how I got this hair color/hairstyle/what I do to maintain it, so I’ll probably do a post all about hair soon!

IMG_4905 IMG_20150524_020347

-I joined my favorite brand, Wet Seal’s model search this year! A couple of days ago I was working on and hoping of getting into the Top 100 of the competition. I am currently at 448 votes (which I am extremely grateful for; many many thanks to all who have voted). But I am still about 200 votes away from the girl who is currently in the 100th spot so I have sort of given up on trying to aim for the top 100 (though it would have been awesome to win some cool prizes). I will still be promoting it I guess, to see how many votes I can garner before the contest ends on the 15th! I am honestly not expecting to be able to become the new face of Wet Seal, for in no means am I as pretty or sexy as any of the other contestants, but hey, a girl can still dream right?:) hahah so if any of you would like to help a little Singaporean girl trying to make it big in the USA, do vote me at and/or share the link with friends and family!! Do give me a holler too if you do, I’d love to thank you personally!


-Speaking about competitions, I also, rather casually, joined this instagram competition held by the lovely company @HerApparel Intimates, which was a worldwide insta-hunt for the new face of their brand. And… with some luck, I’ve actually been chosen as one of the Top 18 contestants! Now, Her Apparel is actually a brand that specializes in beautiful lingerie. Yes, your girl actually thought she was cool enough to advertise lingerie HAHAH. I honestly am not sure what they saw in me, but I guess I’ll be going against 17 beautiful girls to see who can represent their brand well. Again, I am no where deserving of this, but since its summer, I’m just gonna go with it:) I know most singaporeans might find the idea of lacy underwear risqué, but I honestly think there is nothing obscene about some beautiful female intimate wear. Besides, there are many ways to photograph inner wear. It doesn’t have to be overly sexualized haha (I can’t pull that off anyway. Not in a million years.) I will need help with voting again at some point (I’m so sorry!!!!!) but i haven’t been updated with further instructions… So that’s something to look forward too!

-I’ve set a personal goal to get fit again! I also want to learn how and train myself to do pull-ups. At least one maybe. It would help me a bunch if I could do some since I’ve recently began doing aerial arts and I really am in furious need of substantial arm strength! I really love aerial silks, I haven’t get so graceful in a long time. I also haven’t felt so weak in a long time though. So, more strengthening and body-conditioning it is!

Oh my goodness, I’ve managed to throw up words all over this blog post once again, even though I vowed to keep this short. Valerie, you need to work on that hahah! So I guess this summer has been pretty wonderful so far. I hope everyone’s holidays have been going well too. Spend more time with the people you love. That’s the main thing that has been keeping me going. I love you all for reading my blog (if you made it this far hahah). My instagram dm/gmail/ are always open for people who need someone to talk to. Leave a comment if you so please hehe! x.

With lots of love,

Valerie Loo

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