Pilot- The Mandatory Introductions

Hello there,

Welcome to my new blog! Please pardon the emptiness and boring-ness (yes, I make up words) of this internet space while I try to play around with it and make it worthy of your time and visit. To be very honest, I have completely no idea what I am doing or what I am attempting to construct here. I know for sure that I want this to be a lifestyle blog- where I’ll be able to share pictures and words with you beautiful people. Pictures and words about fashion, food, travel, books, art and life. Basically anything and everything that I deem deserving of a share. Hopefully, through this process of sharing, might I be able to entertain, delight or even inspire you in some way. I do intend to use this blog to compliment my YouTube channel (which is currently a poor victim of my procrastination), so I’ll be making it a point (I will try my best hehe) to update both platforms regularly. With all that being said, do check back here soon for more posts!  I promise you some better content the next time we meet! Meanwhile, here are some pretty macarons that I purchased a couple of weeks back (fully digested by now, apologies) for you to feast your (very hungry) eyes upon!


So there, with lots of love,

Valerie Loo

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